Image by Sai De Silva
PT for the Sneeze and Pee Club

Are you a member of the sneeze and pee club? Do you leak, even just a little, when jogging, lifting weights or exercising? Do you have to scout out the bathrooms everywhere you go, or turn down fun activities because the facilities are too far and few between? Did you know that about a third of female high school, college and elite professional athletes silently suffer from urinary stress incontinence??!!


Physical Therapy During Pregnancy 

Are you having difficulty making it through your work day, participating in activities you love, or even sleeping through the night because of pain during pregnancy?  Just because you are pregnant doesn't mean you have to "live with it." Untreated pain in pregnancy has been associated  with postpartum depression and poorer birth outcomes. In as few as 1-2 visits, you can learn how to manage your symptoms and regain your quality of life from the area's leading expert in obstetrics physical therapy. 

Physical Therapy for Labor and Delivery

About one in three women have a cesarean birth in the U.S., almost double the recommended rate from the World Health Organization! While you cannot truly plan a spontaneous childbirth, you can learn some techniques that may speed labor, reduce tears and lower your risk for an unplanned cesarean delivery. Consider signing up for an affordable interactive small group session or individual instruction designed to provide you and your birth partner with education and hands-on techniques to enhance your birth experience. 

Physical Therapy for Postpartum Moms

Recovery from pregnancy and childbirth can be challenging! Do you still experience mild urinary incontinence, abdominal, hip, back, neck or pelvic pain, constipation, a large gap or weakness in your abdominal muscles, or a feeling of "falling out" when you lift your baby or exercise? Dr. Karen recommends a full postpartum checkups after your six-week checkup for all new moms to prevent problems before they happen. If you have early concerns, contact her. Start your postpartum rehabilitation right to avoid problems later!

PT for (Pre)Menopause Changes

Women go through several hormonal changes during normal phases of life that predispose us to bowel and bladder problems or pelvic pain during normal activities we enjoy. Symptoms of urinary urge or incontinence, constipation or fecal staining, pain during sex, low libido, abdominal or pelvic pain may result in depression, embarrassment, dependence on medications, or withdrawal from living a full active life. All of these are treatable conditions, but most women, and many of their doctors, don't realize there are physical therapists with highly specialized training in this area of practice available to help you get your life back. Call for an appointment or ask your doctor for a referral today!