Insurance FAQs

What Does Out of Network Mean?


As an Out of Network Provider, No Mom Left Behind Physical Therapy takes full payment at time of service from you instead of billing your insurance. I am not in contract with any insurance company so I can afford to provide individual one-to-one quality service to you for a fair cost. You and your therapist are in control of your plan of care, not your insurance company.

What if I Have Out of Network Coverage?


Some insurance policies provide partial reimbursement to you for out of network services. I do not guarantee reimbursement because insurance policies have different eligibility requirements and deductibles regarding non-participating providers. I will provide you with a medical receipt to submit to your insurance after each visit.

Do I Need a Physician Referral for PT?


Michigan no longer requires a physician referral to see a physical therapist. Many insurances may require a script to submit for out of network benefits or application towards an insurance deductible.


If you are pregnant, No Mom Left Behind Physical Therapy recommends a referral for coordination of care with your obstetrician or other healthcare provider you are seeing during your pregnancy, or I may ask permission to send your plan of care to your OB if you self refer.

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What Payment Methods Do You Accept? 


I accept cash, check or most credit cards for payment when you check in for your appointment. 

Can I Use My Health Savings Account or Flexcare Card?


Yes, you can use your Health Savings Account or a pre-tax Flexcare account to pay for services at No Mom Left Behind Physical Therapy. We provide you with a medical receipt for your records.

What If I Have Medicare or Tricare Insurance?


I do not have a relationship with Medicare at this time. Unfortunately, that means by law I cannot see you for women's health PT services at No Mom Left Behind Physical Therapy if you have Medicare or Tricare primary or secondary insurance, even if you choose not to use your insurance. I will be happy to refer you to another women's health in-network provider in this area.