2020 Pricing 

Services and Classes

Free "Discovery" Consultation

If you are on the fence about whether to come here for therapy, you are invited to send Karen a message through the "Contact Me Now" button. She will be happy to discuss your situation with you and answer any questions you may have. 

Initial Evaluation: $295


Evaluations are scheduled with Karen and all are conducted in a comfortable private treatment room or virtually when preferred by the client. All evaluations are scheduled for 1.5 - 2 hours to allow ample time to share your story, and to complete the physical component of the evaluation, develop a plan of care that works for your situation, and begin the education process. All minors must have a chaperone present. Adult patients are welcome to bring a chaperone if they prefer. All patients must wear masks due to COVID guidelines.

One-to-One Treatment Sessions


One hour:   $175

30 minutes: $ 90


Most of the time patients schedule weekly one-hour treatment sessions over 2-4 weeks. At that point, Karen reassesses to determine whether more time is needed. For most clients, they have made enough progress to transition to a home program or an exercise class. There are some situations where Karen may recommend only a 30 minute follow-up appointment for a mini-assessment or short treatment session. 


Ultrasound Therapy for Clogged Milk Duct  $65 

Breastfeeding moms sometimes get clogged painful milk ducts, and ultrasound with a home program is sometimes recommended by your physician as a conservative way clear the blockage prior to resorting to more invasive treatment. Karen will try to get clients as soon as possible for this intervention, usually the same day. Clients are advised to call to schedule a follow up treatment within 72 hours of the initial evaluation if they are still having symptoms of a blockage. Treatment is stopped after a maximum of three attempts if the blockage is not cleared and the client is referred back to her physician.

Labor and Delivery Classes and Private Sessions

Group class $60 - see above for sign up

Private in-clinic or telehealth couple instruction:  $150 

In-clinic small group 2-3 couples: $75 per couple

In-clinic group 4+ couples: $60 per couple


Learn the tricks to reducing your risks for injury or other birth complications during labor and delivery from the only  obstetrics physical therapist expert in the Greater Lansing area. During this fun and interactive 1 1/2 hour class or private session, you and your partner are empowered through education with hands-on practice on how to reduce pain or injury to the pelvic floor muscles, and reduce your risks for an unplanned cesarean delivery through positioning, breathing and timing.  Karen takes you and your partner all the way through the normal progression of labor and delivery. You practice multiple positioning options and manual techniques to reduce pain and promote movement through the birth canal that can be used with or without an epidural. You practice breathing and pushing technique, review of normal recovery, and symptoms that may indicate you may benefit from a referral back to PT at your six-week checkup.

Each couple receives a complete multi-page handout with photos reviewing the session to take with them to the hospital. Dr. Karen also offers free text support if she is available to birth partners!!

Private clinic and telehealth classes are also available by appointment.